Talk Not/Seing The City 
Artists Alper Sen (Artıkişler Collective), Oddviz Collective, Serkan Taycan
Supported by Open Space
Istanbul SALT Galata 21 September 2019 

Not/Seeing The City presents a series of talks by three artists/collectives who produce images of Istanbul using the mediums of photography, moving image and photogrammetry. The diverse ways of seeing that accompany these visual technologies offer a possibility to renegotiate the turbulent transformations of an often hostile urban environment. Can the practical and conceptual tools of image-making; such as framing, recording, reproducing, preserving, montaging and rearranging be used in order to reconfigure our relationship to the urban? Having built interdisciplinary methodologies around this question, Oddviz Collective, Serkan Taycan and Alper Sen shared their thoughts through presentations on their art practices concerning the urban dynamics of Istanbul.

Oddiz Collective digitally archive the fleeting material memory of the streets using 3D photogrammetric modelling, whilst also creating new urban expriences through virtual installations based on this accurate data. Their series Inventory (2018) looks at street furniture, starting with Kadıköy, the neighbourhood where they live and work.

Serkan Taycan photographs the aggressive urbanisation at the peripheries of Istanbul,  also expanding this into a participatory walking practice in order to facilitate a lived awareness of these urban transformation. His walking route Between Two Seas (2013) stretches from the Marmara Sea to the Black Sea, following the proposed site of a 60km long shipping passage.

Artıkişler Collective explore possibilities of collective image production by using docuemntary moving-image as a visual research methodology. The Surplus of Istanbul (2014-2019), Istanbul City Hills ( 2013, with Margherita Moscardini), and Taşkafa (2013, with Andrea Lukka Zimmerman) look at the relationships between the city center and the periphery.